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We had a wedding

Cool story. We had a wonderful young couple get married on the 8th green on Saturday the 22nd of June. Andy Westerfield and Jasmin Lucas wanted to honor/involve Andy's grandfather who passed away earlier this year. He had a hole-in-one on number 8 a while back and they thought it would be a good way to have him at the ceremony in spirit. Gerry (Andy's grandfather) was a great guy who I knew personally and I'm sure that he had a great seat for the ceremony. For those of you who weren't ablt to be here I took some pictures and I apologize for the quality as I am technically challenged. I hope everyone wishes the couple well. They seem like a lovely couple and the Donald Ross crew wishes them the best and many, many years of married bliss. Thanks to Andy and Jasmin for allowing us to be a part of their special even. More pictures to follow...


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