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Mission & Vision Statement

Vision, Mission & Values


Mission - Donald Ross Golf Club is dedicated to providing our members and customers with the finest experience in recreation, entertainment, and hospitality.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our guests with quality products and a high level of customer service.


Vision Statement - Donald Ross Golf Club will be a recognized leader in providing a high-quality experience by ensuring that our facilities and service exceed the expectations of our members, our customers, and our employees.


Our Philosophy at Donald Ross - To be considered one of the greatest golf experiences is not a goal easily achieved. There are several factors necessary to provide this level of excellence. First, and foremost, is the need to provide a quality product; next, the product must be maintained and cared for at a superior level of consistency. Donald Ross's philosophy is simple. Every service we provide will be the best of its kind. We believe every day is the one day on which the reputation of the Donald Ross Golf Club will be created and judged. We will be the club by which others set their standards. We are totally responsible as a team for the reputation and image presented to our members and guests.


At Donald Ross our Core Values are:


We C.A.R.E


We CARE about our members, our customers, and our employees.

We CARE about maintaining a positive social and golf experience.

We CARE about being good stewards of our land.

We CARE about continuous improvement and innovation.

We CARE about community responsibility.

We CARE about doing the right thing.


C. - Commitment

A. - Accountability

R. - Respect

E. - Excellence

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