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Delay in the Arc building project

We have delayed the arc building project long enough to give you a update on Donald Ross happenings. Well the weather hasn't been very cooperative this spring but we have managed to get all the leagues out at least a couple times. Not enough for anyone to have averages or standings but as soon as we get that we will start posting those in the league tab on the website. We were able to get a picture of the MKS league on their first night out. I don't know if I'd use the word handsome to describe them but still a pretty good looking crew. They are part of MKS which has been in charge of the Warrior Park project from the beginning. We also had our first hole-in-one of the year as Jack Dickson had a hole in one hole #3 with his Taylor Made 6 hybrid playing 122 yards. (Someone lasered it for him so the yardage is pretty accurate.) He was playing in the Wednesday afternoon league so his bar tab was probably pretty easy to cover. We have been working hard to make the course look as good as possible and will continue to do so as well as improve the course as the year goes on. As soon as this computer illiterate writer is able to download pictures from his phone to the website I will post some more pictures from the leagues. Hopefully Mother Nature gives us some sunshine soon and we will have more to report. Come out and see us whenever you can.

MKS League


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