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Lexi Goes Old School For First Olympic Golf Since 1904

By: Jason Crook

In case you hadn't heard, golf is coming back to the Olympic Games this summer. While some pros aren't exactly thrilled about it, others, like Lexi Thompson, are embracing the Olympic spirit. The 20-year-old LPGA star, who would represent the U.S. if the cutoff were today, recently did a photoshoot and hit some balls in the garb that was worn the last time golf was part of the Games ... in 1904. Needless to say, things looked a little different.

“I don’t know how they played golf in those outfits, especially if it was hot out,” said Thompson during the photoshoot. “I was wearing at least two layers on top and bottom, and a jacket on top, which was very restrictive on the back.

"I took a swing with a very old club and it’s made of totally different material. It was made of wood back then and now it’s graphite. I don’t know how my swing would have done with those clubs back then.”


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