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Why Not Play 9 - Donald Ross Is the Perfect Place

There’s a lot to love about golf. Share your 9-hole story using #Play9Golf!  Send it to us at

After work, before Saturday morning soccer practice, or any time that’s right for you, is always the perfect time to get out and #Play9Golf. 

The days are getting longer! That extra daylight may be all you need to find the time to #Play9Golf.

Only time for 9? You can still post your score! Get out and #Play9Golf.


Just because you don’t have time for play 18, doesn’t mean you don’t have any time to hit the links. Nine is just fine! #Play9Golf

The weekend is drawing to a close, but you still have time to play the game we all love! #Play9Golf 

It’s always easier for today to be #SundayFunday when golf is part of the plan. #Play9Golf

Nine holes is a much better outcome than 0 holes. Get out there today. 

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About Us - 9 to 18 back to 9


It is quite often said that history repeats itself and we believe this to be true at least when it comes to the great golf course Indiana Tech is re-opening Spring 2018.  The original Donald Ross Golf  Club was built in 1927 by "The Donald Ross" and was a 9 hole course only. Sometime in the 70's and an additional nine was added to make it a regulation length 18 holes.  Well, the original nine is back and has Donald Ross smiling himself.

Our Mission & Vision Statement


It's important to know where you have come from as well as where you are going.  We thought it appropriate that we share with you our Mission and Vision Statement as well as our overall Philosophy as it relates to our business and the future.

These statements, as well as the philosophy that we are sharing with you, are a true reflection of the direction, purpose, goals and aspirations we aspire to at Donald Ross.

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