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Even Though He's Tiger Woods, Don't Expect Too Much In Return

By Joel Beall

The news that Tiger Woods hopes to play this fall took the sport by surprise on Wednesday, as Woods' comeback has been subject of year-long speculation. And now that the return date is set, the follow-up query concerns his game. Mainly, what should fans expect from the 14-time major winner? According to World No. 1 Jason Day, temper those outlooks.

"I think the hardest thing for him is just to try and get the rust out and really get back to game ready sharpness, which is obviously a difficult thing to do," Day said at the BMW Championship Wednesday. "Although we're expecting big things from him, I don't expect too much from him. Even though he is Tiger Woods."

Woods, who has his eyes set on October's Safeway Open, made his last tour appearance at the 2015 Wyndham Championship

"It's hard to say that, because he's been out -- I don't know, he's been out of the game for awhile, he's been out for a little bit, but it's always tough to come back," Day continued. "Even though you're one of the greatest of all time, it's very difficult to kind of get that sharpness back."

Although Woods' announcement shocked many in the game, Day wasn't among those taken aback.

"I knew that he was close to coming back and we chatted a little bit," Day said. "I don't try and get into too much schedule stuff with him, but we chatted a bit and he felt like he was pretty positive with how the progression was going with his body and he felt like he was starting to make the turn with it and obviously if we're going to see him three times in the fall, that it means that his body's in good shape."

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However, it sounds like Day shares the eagerness of the golf community to see Tiger tee it up again.

"I'm looking forward to seeing him play again, seeing what the state of his game is," Day remarked. "There's been a couple of times where I feel like he may have come back too soon and kind of injured himself a little bit more and that's what's kept him out of the game so long.

"But there's probably a lot of anticipation to see how the state of his game is and I'm definitely looking forward to watching those tournaments and seeing how his body holds up and how the mental side and obviously the golf side of things hold up as well."

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